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Our rooms are never without music and that is especially the case in the kitchen. Sharing new finds, amusing our children with 80's favourites of mine, has been great fun. However, I think the time it delivers best is at our dinner parties or the kids gatherings. They have a non stop source of current music and we play pass the controller which creates a non-stop list of everyone's favourite tracks. Just brilliant.Richard Hawking, Operations Director Sky Media

Custom designed furniture with perfectly matching equipment is increasingly the minimum requirement for the majority of the projects we are asked to work on. From hidden in-wall speakers to wall mounted oak soundbar cabinets, we have all the options.

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Twenty five years in business has enabled us to build a specialist company oriented to providing superb Hifi and home cinema systems to suit various budgets.

Whether your looking looking for a new amplifier or a custom planning and building service, we're here to help. There's no substitute for experience and the right advice.

Phil ParkerThe Music Matters opinion...

We can provide a complete service, from advising to demonstrating and installing the equipment we sell – with the wide range of products, networking devices and technologies available, we can make the whole process from choosing a system right through to a completed installation, painless. Our staff, many of which have been with us for many years, are pivotal to what we do in delivering a great experience.


Richard BatesThe Music Matters opinion...

Streaming music is becoming a major part of many of our customers listening enjoyment, primarily driven by the major improvements in audio quality delivered by uncompressed music services, notably Tidal and Deezer Elite. High quality streaming components provide the optimum source from which to enjoy high quality music streams through commensurately capable audio components. Looming on the horizon we have MQA high resolution content which will deliver studio quality sound – the recent announcement from Warner music indicates a vast range of back catalogue music will soon become available streamed via Tidal.

Rod ArdernThe Music Matters opinion...

We started this business in 1990 and have seen seismic technological changes, especially in recent times. In all the time I’ve been in this trade, there’s never been a better time to be in to music, movies and fabulous sound reproduction – vinyl, compact disc, HD television and now streaming. I’m a classical music lover and I’m continually amazed by quality and breadth of the music catalogue now available on line through subscription based music services.

I hope you like what you find on our site. We try to stock and recommend equipment which we firmly believe provides great performance and real value at a fair price.

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